Searching the MSDSonline® System

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The IntegratedAnswer™ Search has access to over 4.5 million MSDSonline® documents, in original PDF format from the manufacturer/supplier, spanning over 10 years. When available, multi-language (M)SDSs have been included.

Search Capabilities

 Integrated Index Searching

  1. Click the Search>>Integrated Index option from the Search menu.
  2. Enter the search term(s) in the Search Text box.
    Please Note: It is not necessary to enter the entire word, phrase, or number, except in the case of a CAS Number. Simply entering the first few letters or numbers will bring up matches for those characters, and you can scroll up or down in the list to find the exact match you want. The search is done alphabetically starting with the letters you enter. If you enter "benz" the results will include all options that begin with the letters "benz". The results will NOT include options that have benz somewhere other than the beginning. When searching by CAS Number, you must enter the complete and accurate CAS Number. However, even when the correct CAS Number is entered, that substance may not be in the ChemKnowledge® System.
  3. From the Search Type drop-down list, select the type of search desired (i.e., Plain Text, CAS Number, etc.).
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Search results that most closely match the search term(s) are presented. Select the desired item and click the Get All Documents Sorted by Data Source button to reveal a list of all the databases (included MSDSonline®) containing the search term(s).
  6. The number of MSDSonline® results are displayed (e.g.: MSDSonline® (11130) English Documents - (click to search other languages)) - click the MSDSonline® link to access (M)SDS details.
  7. To further refine the result set, filter by Manufacturer Name and/or Language, and sort by Relevancy, Product Name, Manufacturer Revision Date, or CAS Number and then click Submit button.
  8. Select a link to view a specific document.
 Manufacturer Search

MSDSonline® allows for direct searching on manufacturer. However, the search is NOT an exact text string match search. MSDSonline® has a large database of manufacturers and manufacturer relationships. If you type in the name of one company, you will get results for that company and all related companies as well - even if the related companies are not a match to the text string entered. Because the manufacturer search isn't done based on a string comparison, it is possible to enter a manufacturer name taken directly from the MSDSonline® result set and not have MSDSonline® be able to find MSDS documents by that manufacturer based on name only.

 Search By Language

MSDSonline® allows you to limit your results to (M)SDS documents published in a specific language. We have set the default to all languages; selecting a specific language from the drop down list, will reduce the number of results and speed up the searches.