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  1. USES: Pentetate calcium trisodium (Ca-DTPA) is used to treat individuals with known or suspected internal contamination with transuranium ions, specifically plutonium, americium, and/or curium, to increase rates of elimination.
  1. PHARMACOLOGY: Pentetate calcium trisodium (Ca-DTPA) increases the rates of radiocontaminant elimination by forming stable chelates with metal ions. The calcium ion is exchanged for ions with higher binding capacity. The radioactive chelates are then excreted into the urine by glomerular filtration.
  1. EPIDEMIOLOGY: Overdose is rare.
    1. Chest pain, fever, chills, headache, lightheadedness, dermatitis, pruritus, nausea, vomiting, metallic taste, diarrhea, and Injection site reactions have been reported following therapeutic use of pentetate zinc trisodium (Ca-DTPA). In addition, Ca-DTPA therapy has been associated with trace element deficiency including zinc, magnesium, and manganese depletion. Cough and/or wheezing have been reported in 2 patients who received nebulized Ca-DTPA; one patient had a history of asthma.
    1. Deaths have been reported in patients with severe hemochromatosis who received up to 4 times the recommended daily dose via intramuscular injection.
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